Art's Audio Incorporated

General Shop Hours are Tuesday - Friday 10:00-6:00 PM


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Located in Highland Township, north of M59 on Milford Road, our shop sits in a light industrial setting in a standalone building. 

Art's Audio has established a solid customer community over the last 15 years and continue to build upon our strengths providing component level diagnostics.  Although Art specializes in all thermionic (tube) amplifiers, (guitar amps, bass amps, high-end home audio, P.A. systems, phonographs, tabletop broadcast radios, etc.), he is also capable of servicing solid state and hybrid equipment.

We have a small arsenal of backline equipment for rent -- guitar, bass and PA.

Art's Audio holds a unique position in the market due to his reputation for "fixing amps right the first time", understanding vacuum tube technology and providing personalized services to his clients.  He is not only a one-man service center for a multitude of guitar amplifier manufacturers, but a working musician as well.  He understands the desire for clarity and perfection when it comes to amplified sound.